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Did you know that eMail is one of the most profitable ways to connect with your customers? Most people spend so much time and energy inside of social media that they totally disregard the power of email. Have you ever wondered why you can’t just buy your stuff at Old Navy? Why do they always ask for an up-to-date email address?

Well, your email is a direct link to YOU as a consumer. Not only that, but when I send you an email I have a better chance of connecting with YOU than I do through a social media post. Also, like magazines (yes, those shiny paper things we used to flip through at the doctor’s office!), emails have what’s known as staying power. Staying power means that a customer may see a headline several times, before erasing that message. So an email has the potential to reach you many times, before you (the consumer) are willing to part with it.

To prove my point, think of your own inbox. Do you ever look through your inbox and say to yourself, “Oh, I don’t have time to read that right now, but I will come back to it.” Then the message stays in your inbox until you either read or dispose of it, because it is no longer relevant to you? If so, you are just like most consumers in the U.S. Personally, I’m forever keeping messages from popular retailers, in case I walk through their doors and I have the opportunity to use a coupon or check out a promo that might be relevant to me.

So How Does This Apply to My Mom Biz?

You’re thinking, “Great Gretchen, I can use email to connect with my customers, but how do I even start? I have never collected an email address before, won’t my customers think I’m strange for asking?!?”

Start Where YOU Are

Wow, you ask great questions! First of all, I always tell my clients to start where they are. So, if your list is comprised of your mom and sister’s email addresses, no worry, I can help you! If you have connections to 20 customers through social media, I can also help you. If have been in business for years and have oodles of contacts, I can also help you.

The 2020 Mindset

In 2020, a lot has been flipped upside down, but in this moment, your customers are expecting you to change and to find new ways to improve your selling process. If this means that you will soon be contacting them through another channel like email, they will appreciate your wanting to serve them better.

Often as mompreneurs we forget that we are solving problems for our customers. We are connecting them with the products and solutions they want. We are providing trusted access and expertise, and we are making life easier for them. If we have found another way to do this better, our customers will thank us for it. Also, your customers will always tell you what works best for them. So, long story short here, it is OK to ask. And you may just find that they prefer email communications OVER getting plucked unexpectedly into another Facebook Group 🙅.

Start Your Email List Today

So, here is today’s tip, start building your email list TODAY! How, you ask? WOW! That’s another great question. There are tons of great ways to acquire emails, and I’ll list some below. Do what feels right for your business and then be creative and see if you can come up with some new ways to connect with your customers.

TIP! Make Sure to Tell Them Why

No matter which method you could for acquiring your customers’ email addresses, please make sure to be upfront about the purpose of collecting their data. In terms of practicing mindful and LEGAL marketing, your customers have to agree to receiving marketing messages in their inbox, before you start sending them promotional emails. For more information about why it is NOT OK to send unsolicited emails, please see this Guide about the CAN-SPAM Act.

Now that you know you need your customers’ email address, here are five methods to collect them If one method works, great, use that one! If not, try the others. You may be surprised about how easy this process actually is. All the tips I provide can be done for FREE or really low cost. 🙂

#1 – Just Ask!

Yup, sometimes it is THAT easy. Believe it or not, we as consumers have grown accustomed to this question and we often give it out to people, when they simply as for it. So, take a look at your customer list. Who can you bump into or call and ask for their email addresses?

#2 – Make a Contest

Have you ever entered a contest to win a Gift Card for some new Zyia Active leggings or perhaps some super hard to get Maskcara products? Well, my friends, if you didn’t enter your email to win, your party host missed out on a HUGE opportunity to connect with you! The engagement that commenting on social media posts is wonderful, because more people see you and your brand, BUT… Engagement does not necessarily tie into sales. Direct connections are the best way to convert sales.

So, try this one for yourself, what are these email addresses worth to you? Is there a product that you haven’t been able to move, but someone would take it, if there was a chance they could get it for FREE? If so, that’s a perfect opportunity to try this strategy out. If you are looking for a more hi-tech option for creating a contest, try OptinMonster or Woobox.

#3 – Offer an Incentive

Are you able to create a coupon code for your product offerings? Well if you can, you have a great way to collect those email addresses. If you have yet to grab an email management tool, like Mail Chimp or Constant Contact, you can still offer this incentive to your customers. Just have them DM you their email, and you send that PROMO Code to their inbox! (Many companies offer a mere 10% OFF, and people sign up!)

#4 – Create a Survey

You can create a Google Forms that asks your clients about something relevant to them (and to you) and as part of that data collection, ask your customers for their email addresses. For instance, since the holidays are coming up, maybe have the form ask about “Who is the hardest person you have to shop for this year? or What is the best part of holiday shopping?”

#5 – Offer Something Good

Do you have a list of tricks that would make life easier for your customers? If you were able to create a guide like 5 Life Hacks that Will Save You Hours of Cleaning Each Week, your customers would love to get those tips delivered to their inbox! Again, if you don’t have a website …yet… You can ask your customer to DM, text, or call you, and you can happily forward this information directly to their inboxes. #easypeasy

Don’t stop now! Keep going! What are some other ways that you can think of to build your email list?

As I said before, marketing is about practice, practice, practice. We start where you are an grow from there. Any one can do this, with a little help and know how!

Please give this tips a try and then let me know how they worked for you. You can reach me through Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest!

Toodles for now,

🙂 Gretchen

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