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Setting Goals to Measure Success

This year has been nothing short of exceptional.  Every time I look around something is changing from the way we live our daily lives to the way our children go to school and how they play with their friends.  Gosh, even the way we grocery shop has changed!  Over the summer, I couldn’t help but to take a moment to be grateful for some of those things changing.  While the pandemic has created unparalleled changes (and heartbreaks), for me, there have been some great moments.

As an example, I spent the summer and fall of 2020 going across the country and doing presentations from coast to coast.  Now, before you get upset with me for my carelessness, let me explain:  it was ALL virtual! 🙂  All of a sudden, the stars had aligned and those things that were holding me back from those types of engagements were gone.

You see, in years past, I made a conscious decision to leave a high-ranking position at a business school in favor of part-time adjunct instruction and consulting work.  I did this so I wouldn’t miss out on being present for my kids, when they needed me.  ~~  It was the day that I found out that my youngest son took his first step, and I wasn’t there.  That was the day I decided something had to change.  I couldn’t miss out on the time I could never get back.  Still, seven years after the fact, I take pause and my heart skips a beat, when I think of getting that news.  LOL, now years later, I know that he could’ve taken a step at his grandparents home or when I took a quick jaunt to the store without him, and I would’ve still missed it.  However, there was something in that moment that made me feel locked up, and I didn’t have any power over not being there for my son in that moment.  ~~

Fast-forward to today.  Do I have $1 million in the bank?  Haha, Nope, not yet.  But do I have time for my children to be there when they need me to?  Yes, I do.  Who would’ve guessed that any of this COVID stuff was going to happen?  Certainly, not me, but in this moment I am grateful that I was able all those years ago to transition to a home-based career that was built on what I needed, not what my job needed from me.

OK, so what does any of this have to do with goal setting?  Well, in order to get from point A to point B, you need a plan to get there; you need some direction.  That is what a goal does for you.  It gives you the general outline of where to start and where you should end up.

In order to create goals that YOU can achieve, you must make them:

Realistic  |  Attainable | Measurable |  Timely

For example, while we all would like to be rich, but this is NOT a goal. (Lol, this is a dream!) 

Instead, check out this goal:

To make $500 in sales of Product A from November 1 to December 31, 2020.


Please make your goals realistic, so YOU can achieve them.  When considering your goals, it’s a great time to look at past results.  So, if you are in the essential oil business, consider where you did your best last year.  Was it in blends?  Did you sell a lots of gift packs?  Was it the diffusers that people were eager to get their hands on?  Past performance is usually a good indicator of future results, so why not lead with the items that have done great for you.


Attainable means: can you do this given what you have going on in life.  So, what will you need in order to achieve your goal?  Can you create a plan to achieve your goal?  Do you have the time and resources it will take for you to devote the time needed to achieve your goal?


How can we measure your results?  Meaning, can you quantify your results somehow, so you can check the numbers later and decide whether or not you’ve been successful?  With the example above (To make $500 in sales of Product A from November 1 to December 31, 2020.) , the moment you reach $500 in sales of Product A, you have reached your goal!  Make it simple to measure your success, so there isn’t any question.


Always put a timeframe on your goal.  If you don’t do this, how will you ever know that you’ve achieved what you set out to do?  Choose a timeframe that makes sense, but one that also motivates you to get moving on your goal.   Adding a timeframe also helps you to know when you have or have not reached your goal.  There is an end point, so you can refresh your goals.

Another Example

To sell 100 units of lipstick between November 1 and December 31. 

Do you see how this goal is realistic? See how I’ve listed 100 units vs 1,000,000 units? Is it realistic that I could sell 100 units this holiday season? Absolutely! However, selling 1,000,000 is probably outside of my ball park. The example goal is also measurable. You will know definitely on January 1, whether or not you met your goal. 

Can you think of a realistic and measurable goal for your business this holiday season?

In my, Holiday Digital Marketing Strategy Workbook: Everything you need to know to connect with your ideal customers this holiday season, I’ve included easy to follow lessons and prompts, so you can keep all your marketing ideas and information in one spot.  Here’s what a sample page looks like:

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This guide is full of the exact methods I teach my clients, but in a super-easy and quick to use format.  I know that you want to devote more time hanging with your family than you want to pour over your marketing strategy.  With that said, consider this time an investment, so you don’t find yourself up all night looking for ways to sell more products, when you should be sleeping!

Can’t Win Them All!

While I want everyone to walk away with goals that they can achieve, we must also be clear that goal setting doesn’t always mean we win.  You may fall short on a sales goal or audience reach goal from time to time, but that doesn’t mean you failed.  It might mean that it wasn’t the right goal to begin with.  Go back and look, was it, in fact, realistic and attainable given your set of challenges and demands?  When we miss the mark, it always provides us with important information.  

Marketing is dynamic and a dance.  We set goals and we adjust goals, until we complete goals.

So, if you’ve made a goal of selling 100 items in the next month, but you fall a little short, please don’t kick yourself in the butt.  You now can look at your results, see what worked and what fell short and write a new goal for next month. 🙂

One Foot In Front of the Other

Taking time to think strategically about your business is usually the last thing on the mind of a small business owner.  This is because it takes so much time to actually run a business that people usually let the business run them.  Don’t let that happen to you.  When it comes to living in the upside down world, just remember that one step forward is a step in the right direction.  In time, as you develop your plans and reach your goals, you will realize that you have achieved success.  

Thinking back on the crazy journey that has been my career and life, I’m so happy to say that I am successful.  As always, there is still work to do, but with well thought-out goals, I have a plan to get there. 🙂 

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As I said before, marketing is about practice, practice, practice. We start where you are an grow from there. Any one can do this, with a little help and know how!

Please give these tips a try and then let me know how they worked for you. You can reach me through any of the links below. 🙂

Have a great holiday season, and give your babies a hug,

🙂 Gretchen

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