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Choosing Your EMail List Solution

In my last post, “Start Your Email List – NOW!” we discussed why growing your email list is important and some quick strategies you can employ to start building your list. If you haven’t had a chance yet, go check it out.

In today’s post, I’m going to share with you some of the tools I use for managing my email lists AND give you an example of a first email that YOU can send to your new subscribers. 🙂 Let’s get started, shall we?

So, as you may have already guessed using your GMail or Hotmail account pages is NOT the best way to manage your email lists. This is for a few reasons. First, your personal email account pages aren’t meant to manage large lists of contacts. Second, other programs offer advanced tracking, templates, and easy ways to integrate submission forms into your websites and social media platforms. Third, you always want to make sure that your readers, customers, clients, etc., have a way to unsubscribe from your messages if they choose to do so. Following the laws with regard to spam messaging is important, especially if you want to avoid legal action AND want to be considered as an honest business. Long story short here, if you are in business, you need an email management tool.

If you have already started your email list and the contacts currently reside in your GMail (or personal) account, don’t get too freaked out. You can update your methods at any time. (I would suggest that right now is the appropriate time to do this! 🤣)

Most programs will allow you to export your contacts. Then you will just need to import your contact into your new email management software. (If you are not sure how to do this, just type, “How to export contacts from <insert your email provider here>” into YouTube. Once you click search, you will have thousands of video tutorials right at your fingertips.) 🙂

Once you download your contacts, you will need to choose your email management solution. I started with MailChimp, because they have a free level, which is perfect for those of you just getting started.  Don’t worry if you don’t like MailChimp, because there are tons of other options available depending on your knowledge level and price range. Here are three options based on price and ease of use.

  1. MailChimp (easy peasy)

    As I mentioned above, there is a free subscription level to MailChimp. Over the years, they have added new features and have improved the navigation of the website.  This can be integrated into your website for FREE too with a little coding magic.
  2. Moosend (a little more difficult)

    Again, this is a solution that has a FREE level, and the page aesthetics are nice. One thing to note with Moosend is that you will need to pull on your techie pants, because a few of the things (like adding your form) to WordPress is not the easiest thing I’ve ever done online…  With that said, their automation features and inventory of FREE templates makes penning new emails super easy.
  3. ConvertKit (for the pros with a budget)

    For those of you who have a ton of contacts and immediately bump up passed the free level, I would suggest you go with a solution like Convert Kit. ConvertKit is versatile, they are always providing new training, and their system is easy to navigate. These better features do come with a price tag though, so maybe make a plan to switch over after you get the hang of building your list. 


Finally, I know this whole CAN-SPAM Act (and GDPR) situation is confusing, but believe me, you want to do this correctly from the beginning. To be clear, it is illegal to send unsolicited advertisements to people’s inboxes.  That’s why you have to sign up to be part of a mailing list.  You need to give permission to the advertiser or publisher to send you mail.  Another important part of the CAN-SPAM Act is that you give your audience the chance to unsubscribe from your list.  Sign up for my mailing list below, if you would like an example of what this link looks like.  (Or scroll through your inbox and take a peak at any of the business messages there.  If they are following the rules, you should see an unsubscribe link at the bottom of the message.)  

Also, if you’re wondering what GDPR is, you are NOT alone!  GDPR is short for General Data Protection Regulation and it was implemented in 2018.  Basically, this legislation impacts how people can operate online in the European Union (EU).  Since you’re digital presence is NOT limited to the United States, it is also a good idea to follow their disclosure rules.  You can read more about this regulation here.

OK, enough with the rules, “What Should I Say in My First eMail?”

Simply, you say, “Hello!” 🙂 You tell your new email follower that you got their message that they care about what you are saying. If you have more content that you would like to feature, a giveaway that you would like to highlight, or a promotion that you would like them to know about, you could showcase those too. However, I would suggest that you keep your initial message short and sweet, so you can get started sending them.  You can always edit your initial message later.  (Don’t forget to save all your emails in a Word document, so you don’t need to rewrite the same message over and over again.)

With that said, the purpose of all your digital spaces should be to engage your audiences. So…

End with a question.

One of the best ways to start a conversation with a new friend is to ask them a question. Make it something you really are interested in learning about. This will not only show your recent signup that she (or he/they) are not a number; she is a real person. Additionally, you can use this information to help you make informed decisions about what types of social media posts they might like and what products they would be most inclined to purchase from you.

The Example Text

Hi <firstname>!

I’m so glad that you signed up for my updates. I’m looking forward to connecting with you and keeping you up to date about new product offerings and promotions.

<Include a little information about you here and why you do what you do…>

<Then ask a question like, “How can I help YOU?>

Can’t wait to chat again!

~ Gretchen

That’s it!  Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!  You ALL can do this!  When you do, take a photo of it and share it on social media.  Then tag me @growyourmombiz , so I can see all your great work. 🙂

Wanna Stay Friends?

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As I said before, marketing is about practice, practice, practice. We start where you are an grow from there. Any one can do this, with a little help and know how!

Please give these tips a try and then let me know how they worked for you. You can reach me through any of the links below. 🙂

Later alligator!

🙂 Gretchen

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